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Greta Thunberg

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Megan Rapinoe

How it works

Do you have a brilliant idea to make impact in this world? Then we might be looking for you! Every year we support one social entrepreneur. In 2020 we will launch an Open Call for new applications. Sign up and we will keep you posted.


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The first project supported by The Friends Foundation is the socially responsible street fashion brand Hedone. In collaboration with Marco den Dunnen, inspector at Rotterdam Police, and co-founder of Heilige Boontjes, we kickstarted this initiative to create awareness involving drugs and the invisible expenses that come with it.

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A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is an initiative by Refugee Company, helping people with a refugee background on the way to an education or job. This social enterprise creates safe spaces. From restaurant, coffee bar to makerspace. Here people take the first steps to a new life. In 2020 new locations are opening in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem. We help them reach the public.

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Why we do this

One social entrepreneur with a good idea can create a positive impact in the lives of many. Making a real change towards a society that is inclusive, fair and sustainable – in which every person, regardless of origin, age or gender, can build a worthy existence and live a meaningful life. That’s what we believe in.

Whether a good idea also becomes successful one depends on many factors. The entrepreneur’s skills, his perseverance, network, the business case and how innovative the service or product is. And of course: can you reach and activate people with your idea? Unfortunately, most social entrepreneurs have limited room in their budget to make that happen.

That is why we, as Friends for Brands, have set up a foundation built on a percentage of our annual earnings: The Friends Foundation. Together with other big-hearted organizations and professionals, this foundation helps social entrepreneurs to make their brand visible and famous.

Are you a creative or agency owner? Do you want to make a positive impact with your talent or team? We are always looking for new collabs that can make the impact we have even bigger. Simply send us an email if you’re interested. Join us and use creativity as a force for good!

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Colin Kaepernick


Our board is accountable for the long-term succes of the Friends Foundation. All our members have earned their spot by having made serious impact through creative thinking.

Stef Van Dongen

Pioneers of our Time

Susanne Volder

Friends For Brands

Sander de Kramer

The Sunday Foundation

Friends for Brands is a creative agency for Brand Activism. We help companies to turn purpose into action and make impact in people’s lives, using brand power and creativity. Friends for Brands is initiator of The Friends Foundation and offers support to our social entrepreneurs.

Today’s Specials is a creative PR & Communications agency, working on brand awareness every day. Accessible, loyal and involved. Driven by the believe in sustainable relationships. Today’s Specials is partner of The Friends Foundation, offering support to our social entrepreneurs.

OPEN Rotterdam is the professional, journalistic independent, local broadcaster of, for and by all Rotterdammers. OPEN Rotterdam is partner of The Friends Foundation, offering media support to our local based social entrepreneurs.

Kombucha is a fermented, slightly carbonated tea-based beverage and great substitute for non-alcoholic beer or soft drinks! Mister Kombucha is partner of The Friends Foundation, freshening up all our events with cool cocktails.

Jack Bean is a sustainable food company that aims to inspire people to eat more plants. They do so by offering a 100% plant-based fast cuisine. Jack Bean is partner of The Friends Foundation, delivering great food for all our events.

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